Friday, February 17, 2012

Out Back

Our backyard! Photos taken November 2011
 (above: back gate)
 (above: view of our deck from back gate)
 (above: our loverly, spacious shed) 

 (above: view of back yard from deck. note: poor, brown cedar...)
 (above: view of yard and little magnolia from left fence)

 (above: view from rear fence)

(above: view of side patio off dining room)

Out Back To Do List
  • Pray that our beautiful big cedar is still alive - pretty please?
  • Remove dead limbs from magnolia
  • Clear rocks/pebbles from flower bed near rear gate
  • Plant some veggies in bed by rear gate
  • Repair loose panels along rear fence
  • Put panels up along rear fence, behind shed
  • Attempt to remove old fencework from rear left corner flower bed
  • Get soil  and fill holes in beds/yard
  • Clean out rear flower beds completely
  • Repair sprinkler system
  • Clean out gutters
  • Install lattace work to cover the underneath of shed and deck
  • Sand and repaint deck
  • Plant drought/butterfly/Texas friendly plants in flower bed
  • Remove large hooks from rear fence (What the heck are those for anyway?)
  • Get a smaller smoker to replace our insanely huge one
  • Have BBQ and Enjoy (lots)

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