Saturday, February 18, 2012

Munch's Cave

 (above: view from doorway. window looks over front yard)

 (above: view from right corner)
(above: view from left corner. you can just see the patch of flooring that wasn't completed in the closet. note: there is an extremely tiny opening (about house elf size) leading to the attic in Munch's closet, if we ever have the money it would be really nice to make a human size opening maybe in the hall outside the boys rooms.)

Munch's Cave To Do List:
  • Finish flooring in closet.  Thanks, Honey!!
  • Paint Thanks, Honey!
  • Get and install more sturdy curtain rod.  Completed today!! Thanks, Honey!!
  • Get Munch's fan from Mum's and install here
  • Hang pictures/artwork
Eventually it would be nice to replace the flooring entirely, but at the moment the vinyl looks fine.

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