Saturday, February 18, 2012

Boys' Bathroom

Originally the boys bathroom was one of my least favorite things about our house. It gave me headaches...and nightmares. The shower honestly reminded me of the shower at "the camp" in Maine when I was little. It made me shudder.
 (above: view from doorway)
 (above: view of bath/shower. I have more detailed pictures, but I think they deserve their own post once I get some good after pictures taken.)
(above: okay technically NOT the bathroom, it's the linen closet just outside the bathroom. note: all the silver hardware? painted. previous owners were REALLY paint happy.)

Boys' Bathroom To Do List:
  •  Have bathtub and surround refinished DONE! Thank goodness! Just need to take some after pictures...without a million bath toys in the tub :o)
  • Paint - maybe....I may get them a new bathroom set which goes with the current paint color a little better.
  • New shower curtain rod (one that isn't crappy and PAINTED silver...jeez)
  • New hardware for vanity and linen closet (also NOT painted)
  • Install new flooring. I actually like the laminate, I'm just not found of this particular color/pattern.
  • Purchase and install towel rack for hand towels
  • Bring over shower head from Mum's
  • Build a laundry basket (with pvc piping) for linen closet
I would love to have a plumber come in and fix it so that we could but a dual vanity in for the boys. I'm also playing with the idea of painting the cabinets in the bathroom and the linen closet white, but this really isn't high priority. 

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