Saturday, February 18, 2012

Half Bath and Laundry


 (above: view from doorway)
 (above: view from laundry)

(above: laundry)

Half Bath and Laundry To Do List:
  • Find the exact right color purple
  • Paint bathroom walls.
  • Purchase and install new light fixture in bathroom
  • Paint cabinets in bathroom (I'm leaning towards black...that might be crazy talk)
  • Find or have John make a hanging cabinet w/towel rack for above toilet for added storage.
  • If we do paint cabinets move toilet roll holder from awkward left to less awkward right
  • Purchase and install bar for hangers at Ikea for laundry room. Maybe two? Need to find link.

Boys' Bathroom

Originally the boys bathroom was one of my least favorite things about our house. It gave me headaches...and nightmares. The shower honestly reminded me of the shower at "the camp" in Maine when I was little. It made me shudder.
 (above: view from doorway)
 (above: view of bath/shower. I have more detailed pictures, but I think they deserve their own post once I get some good after pictures taken.)
(above: okay technically NOT the bathroom, it's the linen closet just outside the bathroom. note: all the silver hardware? painted. previous owners were REALLY paint happy.)

Boys' Bathroom To Do List:
  •  Have bathtub and surround refinished DONE! Thank goodness! Just need to take some after pictures...without a million bath toys in the tub :o)
  • Paint - maybe....I may get them a new bathroom set which goes with the current paint color a little better.
  • New shower curtain rod (one that isn't crappy and PAINTED silver...jeez)
  • New hardware for vanity and linen closet (also NOT painted)
  • Install new flooring. I actually like the laminate, I'm just not found of this particular color/pattern.
  • Purchase and install towel rack for hand towels
  • Bring over shower head from Mum's
  • Build a laundry basket (with pvc piping) for linen closet
I would love to have a plumber come in and fix it so that we could but a dual vanity in for the boys. I'm also playing with the idea of painting the cabinets in the bathroom and the linen closet white, but this really isn't high priority. 

Munch's Cave

 (above: view from doorway. window looks over front yard)

 (above: view from right corner)
(above: view from left corner. you can just see the patch of flooring that wasn't completed in the closet. note: there is an extremely tiny opening (about house elf size) leading to the attic in Munch's closet, if we ever have the money it would be really nice to make a human size opening maybe in the hall outside the boys rooms.)

Munch's Cave To Do List:
  • Finish flooring in closet.  Thanks, Honey!!
  • Paint Thanks, Honey!
  • Get and install more sturdy curtain rod.  Completed today!! Thanks, Honey!!
  • Get Munch's fan from Mum's and install here
  • Hang pictures/artwork
Eventually it would be nice to replace the flooring entirely, but at the moment the vinyl looks fine.

Nox's Pad

I really REALLY wish these pictures did the flooring justice. It was a HUGE piece of linoleum, that was extremely warped and kinda felt like a strange sponge when you walked on it. The pictures are way beyond deceiving.
 (above: view from doorway. window looks out over front.)
 (above: view from left corner)
(above: view of doorway and closet. note that closet does not actually have flooring.) 

(above: view from closet)

Nox's Pad To Do List:
  • Paint Thanks, Love!
  • Install new, non-crazy warping, flooring. Thanks, Love!
  • Install sturdier curtain rod and hang awesome guitar theme curtains. Thanks, Love!
  • Purchase and install new ceiling fan
  • Hang pictures/artwork
Almost very nearly done!!

Master Sanctuary

I love this room. The high ceilings make it seem huge and so much natural light flows into it.
 (above: view from doorway. windows look out on the back yard)
 (above: view from the right window.)
(above: view from the left window)

Master Sanctuary To Do List
  • Paint Thanks, Honey!!
  • Replace carpet with laminate. Thanks, Honey!!
  • Replace curtain rods and curtains Done! Thanks, for hanging them, Honey!
  • Hang art work (partially done, need to figure out most of it though)
  • Replace light covers on fan. I actually like the fan, but wouldn't mind something less builder grady...yep...I know grady isn't a word.
  • Make some yellow pillows for bed - have some beautiful vintage material I bought - just need to get to work!
Our room is actually mostly done at the moment. Just need to hang some pictures to make it look a little more personalized. Updated pictures coming soon.

Master Bath

I just realized that I forgot to get a decent picture of the vanity, so I will be adding that to my list of things to do. Actually, the pictures don't really do it justice.

I think the size of the master bath might have been one of the reasons we bought our house. In an ideal world we would have the money to gut it and fix it up the way it deserves, but we can certainly work with what we have and fix things as we get to them.

Sometimes I think about going to Home Depot or Lowes and wandering the isles in the vain hope that one day I'll bump into Bath Crashers. I think they would have a field day.
 (above: pitiful picture of the vanity and shower. note: the silver surround on the shower is either spray or brush painted on....loverly)

 (above: his/hers closets. note: silver has once again been painted on, badly.)
 (above: shower. it's flipping huge. we love the size)
 (above: interesting bathroom bench. this bench was actually built around the tub. the crazy bench was then painted an awful burgundy.)
(above: toilet closet)
Master Bath To Do List:
  •  Replace scary snake like shower head with something higher and a hundred times better (Thanks awesome Benjamin Franklin plumber!)
  • Toss those ridiculous, dusty, plastic plants (check, check, checkity check-check)
  • Paint vanity and bath box
  • Make/buy new seat cushion
  • Replace crazy light fixture above vanity. Ideally I would have have an electrician come in and set it up for lighting above both sinks and not quite so high. May need to check on pricing?
  • White caulk the shower.
  • Buy and hang hand towel rack
  • Buy and hang new toilet paper holder. Ours is plastic AND spray painted. (I really don't know what the previous owners were thinking.
  • Remove wire shelving from left closet   Thanks honey!!
  • Install support bar for hanging rod (I don't think that's the right term) in left closet.
  • Be brave and take a peek decorative niches above closets and clean them if needed.
  • Purchase decorative storage baskets/boxes for above closets.
  • Change out window treatment above bath box

Friday, February 17, 2012

Out Back

Our backyard! Photos taken November 2011
 (above: back gate)
 (above: view of our deck from back gate)
 (above: our loverly, spacious shed) 

 (above: view of back yard from deck. note: poor, brown cedar...)
 (above: view of yard and little magnolia from left fence)

 (above: view from rear fence)

(above: view of side patio off dining room)

Out Back To Do List
  • Pray that our beautiful big cedar is still alive - pretty please?
  • Remove dead limbs from magnolia
  • Clear rocks/pebbles from flower bed near rear gate
  • Plant some veggies in bed by rear gate
  • Repair loose panels along rear fence
  • Put panels up along rear fence, behind shed
  • Attempt to remove old fencework from rear left corner flower bed
  • Get soil  and fill holes in beds/yard
  • Clean out rear flower beds completely
  • Repair sprinkler system
  • Clean out gutters
  • Install lattace work to cover the underneath of shed and deck
  • Sand and repaint deck
  • Plant drought/butterfly/Texas friendly plants in flower bed
  • Remove large hooks from rear fence (What the heck are those for anyway?)
  • Get a smaller smoker to replace our insanely huge one
  • Have BBQ and Enjoy (lots)

Home Front

Here is the new Wade home as of November 2011
 (above: general front of house and yard)

 (above: far right front: notice all that ivy...eek)
 (above: front entry: note pebbled walkway with TEENIE pebbles, also drainspout it hanging on to gutter for dear life.)
(above: view from front door. notice the sad state of flower beds?)

Home Front To Do List:
  • PRIORITY: Clear out insane amount of ivy in flowerbeds (Taken care of by our new lawn guys!!)
  • Clear out dead plants from flower beds
  • Remove awful red wood chips that is at least 10 feet thick.
  • Remove or clean up pebble path in the middle of flower bed directly in front of front door
  • Clean out rain gutters
  • Repair rain gutters
  • Plant new Texas friendly plants
  • Repair right side of driveway
  • Repair sprinkler system
  • Put together pretty blue rocking bench for entryway