Saturday, February 18, 2012

Nox's Pad

I really REALLY wish these pictures did the flooring justice. It was a HUGE piece of linoleum, that was extremely warped and kinda felt like a strange sponge when you walked on it. The pictures are way beyond deceiving.
 (above: view from doorway. window looks out over front.)
 (above: view from left corner)
(above: view of doorway and closet. note that closet does not actually have flooring.) 

(above: view from closet)

Nox's Pad To Do List:
  • Paint Thanks, Love!
  • Install new, non-crazy warping, flooring. Thanks, Love!
  • Install sturdier curtain rod and hang awesome guitar theme curtains. Thanks, Love!
  • Purchase and install new ceiling fan
  • Hang pictures/artwork
Almost very nearly done!!

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