Saturday, February 18, 2012

Master Sanctuary

I love this room. The high ceilings make it seem huge and so much natural light flows into it.
 (above: view from doorway. windows look out on the back yard)
 (above: view from the right window.)
(above: view from the left window)

Master Sanctuary To Do List
  • Paint Thanks, Honey!!
  • Replace carpet with laminate. Thanks, Honey!!
  • Replace curtain rods and curtains Done! Thanks, for hanging them, Honey!
  • Hang art work (partially done, need to figure out most of it though)
  • Replace light covers on fan. I actually like the fan, but wouldn't mind something less builder grady...yep...I know grady isn't a word.
  • Make some yellow pillows for bed - have some beautiful vintage material I bought - just need to get to work!
Our room is actually mostly done at the moment. Just need to hang some pictures to make it look a little more personalized. Updated pictures coming soon.

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